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About Jeanette E Clark:

  I am a follower of Jesus. This is the most important to me. I have known Him since I was about 8 years old. Our mom took us to Sunday school at a Baptist church in San Bernardino. I have an older sister, Cheryl, and a twin sister, Janese, and we all went to church together. This is the foundation for my walk with Jesus today.

  I am a wife, mom, and a MeMa. Being a mom has been the most important thing I have done in my life. I did things a little different than most people. I home birthed my three babies, Evan, Shaun and Shaleen; my husband Bruce was the deliverer on their birth certificates. I did not immunize any of them and I homeschooled them. Raising my children to love God and to never forget the Lord was the most important thing to me.

  I am a MeMa to five beautiful grandchildren. Three of them live in Georgia with my daughter Shaleen and son-in-law Matt. Evan is our oldest. He is seven now. Rilynn is five and Nolan is two. Bruce and I miss them so much because they are so far away. We are thankful for almost daily video calls. Our other two grandbabies are in California, about a 50-minute drive from us, so we get to see them in person more often. Audrey is four and Levi is almost two. Our son Shaun and daughter-in-law Heather share them with us, and we are so thankful for this.

  I knew I needed to be a wife before I was a mom. Bruce and I were married on June 6, 1981. I met him in a bar drinking Tacate’ and tequila. I’m not super proud of that, but I am proud to say that we are still married and have made it even through tragedy. He is the love of my life. Most marriages don’t make it through what we have been through. I believe that is because we love and have a relationship with God, and God can do anything.

  I am a distributor of Young Living Essential Oils. I mostly use essential oils for us personally. I share with others when they are interested. I am also certified as a speaker, coach, and trainer with the John Maxwell Team.

  I am a certified Aroma Freedom Practitioner with Dr. Benjamin Perkus, a licensed Psychologist. Additionally, I am certified to practice Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Success Mastery 1, as well as Timeline Therapy with Pivot Point Advantage and Stacey O’Byrne.

  I explored many avenues to heal the hurt within myself and my family, so now, I am able to utilize the best practices I’ve learned to heal others in the same way.

 I am the author of the book titled "MOMS WHO GRIEVE AFTER THE DEATH OF YOUR CHILD," available on Amazon. Its purpose is to help moms to feel empowered, have hope and begin to live again.  


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